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Keeping up is tough. You’re busy, and we know it. That’s why we’ve created a newsletter curated with things that matter and what’s happening across various mediums. Because scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and reading every blog and newspaper is impossible.

Our newsletter focuses on politics, culture, society, business, arts, tech, and news related to feminist issues so you can stay in the know with ease.

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“I am absolutely LOVING this newsletter. Thanks for all the hard work to get this out!” - Siobhan S.

I am a huge fan of what you’re trying to do with Feminism for Breakfast … As a student of women’s history, I am a huge believer in women’s press efforts, like newsletters, magazines, and pamphlets. I think your email list is a modern-day equivalent to those powerful outlets from movements of the past.” - Meredith B.

This newsletter is so good! Every week I absolutely love going through the links and reading all the posts included, it’s so great!!” -Emma

The way we consume news is history. Let’s make it herstory.

Just kidding. But really, who can keep up with news 24/7? This is a weekly newsletter curated with things you should know, things you wish you knew, and everything in between — all related to feminist issues.

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